Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time Passes By

I made a comment about how fast time goes... that was in Novermber of 2008. Now in August of 2009 I am finally posting again. I thought maybe it had been a few months. Things have been good.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I think it appropriate to show the world how cute kids can be. I know people will say that I am bias, but I must disagree. This is my son Eli who will be one in a week! His favorite thing to do is to bug his sister. I will give you some insight as to why he bugs her.

This picture is a perfect example of why Eli bugs Abby. If every morning you saw this, you couldn't help but take her blanket, pull her hair and slap her face. They actually do get along very well despite the occasional dispute. It is great to see them grow, but many tell me it goes far too fast.

To actually do some justice to the cuteness of Abby, I must show one more picture.

Despite the slight hump, isn't she adorable?? Until next time...

In The Beginning

From the birth of blogging, I have been interested. I have yet to start one. Now is the beginning. It is great to be able to publish your life for everyone... or no one to read. It doesn't matter who reads it or who doesn't, it's just nice to know it is out there. For those who know me well, they know opinions flow freely from me. This will be a great way to just get those opinions out, rather than holding them all inside. For other opinionated people, they know how hard that is. I think this will be fun.